A network of women/people helping refugee women re-start

Netwomening is a non-profit association that helps Afghan women under international protection in Spain to restart their lives by weaving/constructing/setting up a support network.

We accompany, empower and promote. Woman to woman. One to one as equals.




people teaching Spanish


Afghan women and their families


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Lo que dicen de Netwomening

Why Netwomening?

What do we offer?

1. Support in social integration

We welcome and accompany Afghan women to help them build their new life, giving them emotional support and guiding them through this difficult stage in a personalised way.

We facilitate their integration into social groups through leisure and sports activities and encourage them to participate in volunteer activities.

2. Give conversation classes

We promote language learning through online conversation classes with volunteer teachers and face-to-face courses at partner NGOs and language schools.

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3. Professional tutoring and opportunities

We offer professional guidance and mentoring. We provide support in personal branding. We offer professional networking opportunities. And thanks to collaborating companies and entities we can identify employment opportunities.

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4. Training grants

We identify training opportunities: courses, scholarships and certifications. We offer advice and support to create self-employment.

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5. Apoyo diplomático

Las ayudamos con la preparación de solicitudes de promoción a España.

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